Herosplus International Limited

As an organization, Herosplus International Limited was founded in the year 2007 with a CAC (Corporate Affairs Commission) registration number, 684486. Since then, it has maintained a strong presence in the nation's maritime and aviation industries, and also extended its tentacles and scope of operations to Africa, Asia, America and Europe, imbibing therefrom international best practices and global standards.

With increasing annual turnover on yearly basis, Herosplus International Limited has grown into the bandwidth of businesses with turnover in hundreds of millions. This has enabled us to continue to improve the level of efficiency, and to explore newer innovations and knowledge that give us the competitive edge

Its civil engineering and construction arm has been making inroads into the industry with the construction of roads, housing estates and complexes, building and development of markets and other public facilities for governments, corporate bodies and individuals.

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Organizational Structure

Our business areas and interests are manned by teams of experts and professionals who apply up-to-date, relevant industry knowledge, technology, and innovative solutions to complex chains of business challenges to meet our clients’ needs. The organization is headed by a Board of Directors which provides direction and guidance, and a Management team which carries out the day to day activities, made up of dedicated full-fledged staff and interns.

Our Core Values

With our core values revolving around the 4 pillars of Professionalism, Integrity, Accountability and Diversity, our goal is to provide leadership and direction in the drive towards moving Nigeria into the league of major players in the maritime and aviation industries, first among developing economies and subsequently onto the global stage.

Our Mission

To be the most discerning and successful integrated logistics solutions provider with unrivalled range of value adding products, yielding utmost value and satisfaction to our customers WHILST including safety as our prime dictator.

Our Vision

To be the foremost provider of services with scientific precision in the maritime and aviation industry by a team of experts, committed to modern innovations and international standards.

Our Philosophy

To render prompt, unique and satisfactory services with highest attainable quality at a cost that is tailored to suit our clients' needs.